This page is for giving credit to the places where I got materials for things on this site.

Abydos Gate
The Official Amanda Tapping Website :: - SG1 CAPS
Chevron 26 - Stargate SG-1 Gallery (Offline)
Digital-Shell (Offline)
Frozen: A Stargate SG-1 Screen Capture Site
MGM: Stargate SG-1
Pandora's Gate
Richard Dean Anderson Web Site - Stargate SG-1 Picture Gallery
SCIFI.COM | Stargate SG-1
SCIFI.COM | Stargate Atlantis
Thalassa SG-1 Screen Captures (Offline)
The Corin Nemec Site
Yahoo! Groups : samandjack - Sam and Jack Mailing List
Yahoo! Groups : MajorDavisFan NOTE: This Yahoo! Group is no longer available. The link will take you to

Non-Stargate Credits

Just a few other things I feel I should mention.

First off, my sister, who complained about not being on here. :-P
No, seriously though, she has helped me with a lot of stuff on this site, mostly the Quizzes page (plus one of my current WIPs), and it could not have been done without her! (And this is a genuine thank-you, not a sarcastic one. <g>)

Lissa Explains it All -- HTML Help for Kids
Without Lissa Explains, my site would never be as cool as it is! It is such a huge help, and it was so fun to learn!

DreamHost Webhosting
My webhost; they're awesome. If you're looking for a great webhost, you should check them out! Tell them "sadiesgc" sent you!

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