Show Me Your Colors Show Me Your Colors
S Club - Don't Stop Movin
Sam & Jack minivid
1.48 MB
Completed 11/9/2003
Revised 12/25/2003

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Have a Little Faith in Me Have a Little Faith in Me
Mandy Moore - Coverage
Sam & Jack vid
3.93 MB
Completed 11/15/2003

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Baby I Would Baby I Would
O-Town - O-Town
Sam & Jack vid
3.70 MB
Completed 12/30/2003
Revised 1/8/2004

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Three Days Three Days
Pat Green - Three Days
Sam & Jack vid
3.78 MB
Completed 1/6/2004

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Where Are You Now? Where Are You Now?
Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
Sam / Sam & Jack vid
3.21 MB
Completed 3/25/2004

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Contains Grace Spoilers
I Wanna Be With You I Wanna Be With You
Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You
Sam & Jack vid
4.11 MB
Completed 5/8/2004

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Contains Spoilers thru Lost City
Coming Soon
Over and Over
Nelly (feat. Tim McGraw) - Suit
Sam & Jack / Sam & Pete vid